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The earlier, the better.

From tots to teens, we believe it is very important that your child feels comfortable when they visit the dentist. At Number One Dental Practice we like to see children as early as possible so that they can get used to the dental environment and people. Bringing your child to see us when they’re as young as possible means the dentist can prevent tooth decay and provide you with cleaning and dietary advice earlier. The sooner your child is comfortably familiarised with the dentists, the better it will reflect on their dental health and frame-of-mind as they grow up.

Baby teeth start to come through around the age of 6 months, so we’d recommend bringing your child in from then, all teeth should have arrived after approximately 33 months.
Adult teeth start to come through around the age of 6, all teeth should have arrived by 13 years.

It is essential for your child to have regular dental check-ups so that we can provide oral health advice and monitor the development and health of the teeth in order to provide our best care towards your child’s individual needs.

At Number One Dental Practice we provide what you need for your child’s oral hygiene at home; including age-specific tooth brushes and paste. We’re also friends with the tooth fairy!

If you have any queries regarding your child’s dental health please do not hesitate to book an appointment. Contact us to book your child’s visit to the dentist today or call 0116 244 8966.

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