Looking after our gums lead to a healthier and happier mouth. Our fully qualified therapist Kate White, performs Scale and Polishes. At a Scale and Polish/Hygiene appointment, Kate will measure your gum health, clean your teeth; removing any staining and plaque from above and below the gums and polish them up. She will also advise you with oral hygiene instructions you can perform at home to maintain/ improve your oral heath.

Kate uses an ultrasonic scaler to clean your teeth. If sensitive, the options to hand scale or numb your gums with local anesthetic can be given to you.

For complex cases with heavy plaque build up, you will be advised to undergo a Deep Scale, this takes longer and will be performed in 2 halves.

20 Minute Appointment: £53.50
30 Minute Appointment: £78.00
40 Minute Appointment: £105