Dental Health Check

At a Dental Health Check with our dentist, Alison, will:

  • Check your head and mouth
  • Check your teeth and gums
  • Check for oral cancer
  • Provide you with oral hygiene and dietary advise to improve and maintain your oral health at home.

The dentist will put you on a recall to monitor your oral health with emphasis on prevention and catch any problems at their earliest stages. Recalls vary from patient to patient depending on the magnitude of monitoring required. In a New Patient exam we will perform all of the above and you can discuss any treatment wants, needs and queries you have regarding your teeth with the dentist.

New Patient Dental Health Check £49.50

General Dental Health Check £34.50


X-rays are taken by a trained and qualified radiographer at the practice. Various x-rays which can be taken at the practice:

    • Small x-rays (Bitewing/ Periapical) – These are taken at an initial Dental Health Check and every subsequent visit following to check for caries (decay).


    • Medium x-rays (Occlusal) – This x-ray captures the roof or floor of the mouth while the film rests on the biting surface of the teeth to find extra teeth, teeth that have not yet broken through the gums, abnormal dentition etc. Usually used for Orthodontic purposes. 


    • Large x-rays
    • OPG/Panoral x-rays – Is a panoramic x-ray of the upper and lower jaw (ear to ear), taken for an overall view of treatments (ie implants, orthodontics) and diagnosis (including bone level checks, sinuses, decay checks)
    • Cephalometric x-rays – This is a profile X-ray taken for orthodontic purposes.