What is a filling?

A filling is a dental restoration used to restore the function, stability and morphology of a missing tooth structure – more simply, filling a hole!

Why is a filling needed?

The most common reason a filling may become necessary is if one (or more) of your teeth become decayed- you may notice some pain and discomfort if the tooth is decayed. Older fillings can sometimes just break and fall out and so need replacing

(other reasons may include replacing an old unsound filling or white filling build up for aesthetic purposes.)

What is tooth decay?

Tooth decay happens when the tooth’s hard outer layer is attacked with acid (mostly found in food and drinks). The acid forms a sticky layer called plaque on your teeth and if left over time the tooth decay can cause holes in your teeth, called cavities, which can destroy the tooth.
How is a filling done?

At Number 1 Dental practice we offer Amalgam (metal), Glass Ionomer (white), and Composite (shades of white to match teeth) fillings. Prior to filling a tooth, we will provide you with a quote/ treatment plan as cost varies depending on the size and material used to fill a tooth cavity.

To prepare a tooth for filling we will anesthetize, then remove the decay (or old filling to be replaced) and restore with a white filling.

How long does a filling last?

There is no specific time scale for fillings, they can vary from months to decades depending on the circumstances it undergoes whilst in your mouth. However, we do provide  1  year guarantee on all of our treatments (and will repair them free of charge – depending on the situation).

From £139 – £189 (Depending on size & material used)

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