What is a bridge?

Bridges are artificial teeth commonly used to replace one, or more, missing teeth.

  • A Maryland bridge is an artificial tooth supported by metal wings which fit behind the existing teeth either side of the artificial one.
  • A Bonded Bridge involves creating a crown for the tooth/teeth next to the missing tooth, the artificial tooth supported by the crowns will fill the gap.

How is a bridge prepared?

To prepare for a bridge, the dentist will anesthetize then drill away some of the tooth. For a Maryland Bridge,  a small amount will be taken off back of the teeth either side of the gap. For a Bonded Bridge, the tooth/ teeth next to the gap will be shaped into a ‘stump’. Impressions of your teeth will be taken, to assess fit, bite and aesthetics so the bridge is tailored to you. A shade-match of your teeth will be taken for the bridge to look natural. While your permanent bridge is being made in the laboratory, you will be fitted with a temporary one. A second appointment will be booked to fit your new bridge.

How long does a bridge last?

There is no specific time scale for bridges. They are usually given a  7–15 year life span (approx.), sometimes more. We do provide a years guarantee on all of our treatments (and will repair them free of charge – depending on the situation).

From £498 – £798 (per unit and depending on material and size, the more units you have the price will increase)

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