What is a crown?

A crown is a tooth-shaped piece of porcelain, ceramic or metal alloy made to fit around the stump of a prepared tooth. Also known as a ‘cap’.

When would I need a crown?

Usually used if a tooth has been severely damaged or decayed and a filling can’t replace enough of the tooth, a crown will therefore be used to repair, protect and strengthen the tooth/teeth. They are also used to improve the appearance of teeth (including colour, shape and evening alignment).

How is a crown prepared?

To prepare for a crown, the dentist will anesthetize then shape the tooth, using a drill, into a ‘stump’. Impressions of your teeth will be taken, to assess fit, bite and aesthetics so the crown is tailored to you. If you are opting for an aesthetic crown (porcelain or ceramic), the shade-match of your teeth will be taken for the crown to look natural. While your permanent crown is being made in the laboratory, you will be fitted with a temporary one. A second appointment will be booked to fit your new crown.

How long does a crown last?

There is no specific time scale for crowns. They are usually given a  7 – 15 year life span (approx.), sometimes more. We do provide a one year guarantee on all of our treatments and will repair them free of charge – depending on the situation)

From £498 – £798 Depending on the size & material used)

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